Therapy for creative professionals

Are you a creative professional struggling to find relatable mental health services?

Creative professionals and “gig workers” can benefit from multiple avenues of mental health services. It’s important that creative professionals explore different kinds of psychotherapy to find an approach that resonates with them. This is very intimate work; There cannot be growth without a stable foundation of trust in place between client and therapist.  We aim to create a safe space where you feel comfortable exploring obstacles and acknowledging successes. Our trained therapists utilize their counseling expertise alongside first hand experience in both of these industries. This enables our therapists to uniquely understand the common themes, trials, and tribulations that arise from creative or gig work.

Are you concerned about the financial component of therapy? Do you have availability that is difficult for other mental health practitioners to accommodate?

You’ve come to the right place; we offer a reduced fee program to creative professionals and gig workers who may not have mental health services covered by their insurance provider. It is important that our future clients know that affordable access to mental health services is one of core values as a practice. We also have daytime availability specifically tailored to the unique schedules of creative industry professionals and gig workers. As a client, you will not be turned away because of your schedule or financial circumstances, and we will make every effort to ensure that you are able to address your mental health needs and optimize your life. 

Do you struggle with feelings of rejection or expressing yourself in an unhealthy way?

Our therapists customize their approach to your unique needs, goals and preferences, including ideas and tools from many different therapeutic models. By using a psychodynamic framework, we will be able to identify your unconscious thoughts/behaviors and how your past influences your present expression of self. Goal setting will help us map out where you are, where you’d like to be, and how we can get there. And through learning mindfulness based and stress reduction techniques, you can learn how to express feelings such as anger, sadness and insecurity, while honing your strengths in a safe and productive space.

Do you have difficulty with self-advocacy and trusting your gut instinct?

Therapy can help people in the creative industry to stay present, find strength in their vulnerability, and develop vital skills for distress tolerance and self-advocacy. Our seasoned professionals can help you develop the coping skills you need to succeed in life, relationships, and career. The stories we tell ourselves hold great weight and can inform our perceived reality, affecting how we behave in our daily lives. Through working with a therapist, you will be better equipped to identify how those stories inform your reality and have the tools you need to reshape or reframe certain stories so they reflect who you truly are and what you want. 

Therapy can help you find a deeper understanding of your artistic endeavors and motivations to contribute to society as a whole.

Being a creative professional or “gig worker” in New York can be very challenging. People in creative and gig work often struggle with feelings of isolation, inconsistency, or feeling that they have to define their “real job” to people in your life that are not in the industry. Therapy can help provide you with the tools you need to neutralize the instability and insecurity associated with having a creative or “gig” profession. This is not something that everyone will understand and those feelings of being misunderstood are valid. We are able to offer tools from a solution based standpoint to help you reach your therapeutic goals.  

It’s hard to manage the instability of living in New York City; therapy can be a helpful resource to add to your support system. As our client, your experience and growth is our priority and we aim to provide a rewarding therapeutic experience. Contact us to learn more. 

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